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The Fascinating Historical past of Domesticated Cats

Cats are some of the common pets on this planet. They’re cute, cuddly, and nice companions. However the place did they arrive from? What’s their fascinating historical past of domestication?

The historical past of domesticated cats dates again to round 10,000 to 12,000 years in the past within the Fertile Crescent, which is now generally known as the Center East. It’s believed that wild cats have been first drawn to early human settlements due to their abundance of rodents, which was a simple supply of meals for the felines. The cats, in flip, prevented the unfold of disease-carrying rodents, which helped early people.

The Egyptian civilization performed a major position within the historical past of cats. They regarded cats as sacred animals and worshipped them. They even had a goddess named Bastet, who was depicted in cat type. The Egyptians additionally mummified cats and buried them with their homeowners within the perception that it will deliver them good luck.

Cats additionally performed an necessary position in historical Greece and Rome. In Greece, cats have been related to the goddess Artemis and have been thought of to deliver good luck to sailors. In Rome, cats have been used to manage the rat inhabitants within the metropolis’s grain shops.

It was not till the Center Ages that cats started to be broadly saved as pets. Earlier than that, cats have been primarily used for his or her looking talents. The domestication of cats as pets started in Europe, and by the 18th century, cats had turn into a well-liked pet for individuals of all social courses.

Within the nineteenth century, cat reveals grew to become common, and breeders began to selectively breed cats for particular traits, similar to coat coloration and sample. Right this moment, there are over 100 totally different breeds of cats, every with their distinctive traits.

Cats have additionally performed a task in common tradition. They’ve been featured in literature, such because the well-known guide “The Cat within the Hat” by Dr. Seuss, and in movies, similar to “The Aristocats” and “Garfield.”

In conclusion, the historical past of domesticated cats is an enchanting one. From their origins within the Fertile Crescent to their sacred standing in historical Egypt and their position in controlling the rat inhabitants in Rome, cats have performed a major position in human historical past. Right this moment, cats proceed to be a beloved pet, and their intelligence and affection make them an important a part of many individuals’s lives.

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