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The Science Behind Why Cats Love Packing containers

Cats and packing containers – it’s a relationship that has puzzled cat house owners for hundreds of years. Why do cats love packing containers? It’s a query that has even boggled the minds of scientists, however latest research could also be shedding some mild on this feline fascination.

Cats are pure predators that choose to watch their environment from a hid space. Packing containers present the best hiding spot. They’ll stay hidden and watch all the things that’s going round them with out being seen. This sense of safety and security is so vital for them that it’s value cramping themselves right into a small field simply to expertise it.

Analysis has proven that cats who’re uncovered to annoying conditions, reminiscent of shifting to a brand new dwelling, are likely to chill out and turn into much less anxious after they have a small house to cover in. Being enclosed in a field creates a way of safety, which is why cats who’re feeling anxious will instinctively seek for small, confined areas to cover in.

Moreover, cats are naturally curious creatures and like to research their environment. Packing containers present a possibility for exploration with out the chance of hazard. They’ll safely examine the field itself and all the things round it, the right solution to fulfill their curiosity whereas staying protected.

Furthermore, cats keep their physique temperature at a gradual 102-degree Fahrenheit. Small, tight areas reminiscent of packing containers assist them to preserve their physique warmth by lowering the quantity of airflow on their physique. The field creates an setting that’s hotter and cozy for them, and so they instinctively search it out after they’re chilly.

In conclusion, cats love packing containers as a result of they supply a way of safety, exploration, and heat. These are all pure tendencies for cats, and packing containers cater to all of them, offering an ideal spot for them to retreat and chill out. So the subsequent time you see your feline buddy hiding out in a cardboard field, keep in mind that it is much less in regards to the field itself and extra in regards to the feeling of security and luxury that it gives.

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